! Individual records were listed above. Kyle Kao set a team record in the 11-12 age group 100 individual medley with a time of 1:10.97. Kristy Snyder placed in all three of her individual events. ISL 2022 starts Monday, June 6th through Championships, Saturday, August 13th. Kala Warren dropped an impressive 38.53 in her 9-10 age group 50 breaststroke and 25 seconds in her 50 freestyle. Swimmers who earned blue ribbons in two individual events included Grant Schwabrow in the 7-8 age group boys 25 backstroke and freestyle and Nicolas Bosco in the 11-12 age group boys 50 butterfly and backstroke. The Irvine Swim League's 22 teams compete at community pools throughout the summer, culminating with a championship meet on Aug. 13. Each location holds sign-ups for its own team, so go to irvineswimleague.org to check out locations and join a team. Freshman Margaux Verger Gourson broke the school record in . Improving their times by more than 10 seconds were Mathew Bozorgi, Lauren Freedman, Katie Marting, Michael Ruggieri, Joyce Eum, Andrew Miranda, Soroosh Hesamaddin, Clara Mangum and Paige Hagerott. Jeffrey Kubit of the Turtle Rock Sharks broke three team records, posting a time of 26.94 in the 50 butterfly, a time of 30.53 in the 50 backstroke and a time of 1:04.03 in the 100 individual medley. Heritage Park Seals swimmer Connor Doden beat a 1991 record by 0.11 seconds in the boys 5-6 age group 25-yard backstroke. Seals swimmers with multiple place awards included Stephen Burns, John Carrig, Sierra Doden, Brian Gorrie, Zachary Kamai, Douglas Kaplan, Garrett Kukier, Kristen Luetto, Nicholas Matta, Ayron Milgrom, Brittney OConnor, Brandon Raymundo, Carly Simpson, Thomas Suk and Austen Teal. All teams are now open for registration for the 2021 season. Other swimmers who dropped 10 or more seconds in an individual event included Nicole Brennan, Benjamin Chiu, Fiona McMechan, James Nguyen, Disha Palimar, Hubert Pham and Calum Ragan. Zack Rosenstrauch was third with a major time improvement in the backstroke. The league consists of 22 teams that practice and compete at pools across the city. organizations filed purposes: promote neighborhood swim teams through a formal, ongoing organization, to promote the type of competition that has as its primary goal, the . Jiana Vargem set a team record in girls 13-14 butterfly (30.75) and Hunter Hitchens set a team standard in the boys 7-8 age group butterfly (18.25). Riptides who improved their times in every one of the individual events were Firas Bidaiwi, Bennett Black, Nicholas Bugarin, Mattisse Conseil, Maya Gomez, Chester Ho, Allison Kamps, Jack Madden, Nathan Morgan, Deeyana Roshanzaer and Kabir Sivjee. Two time improvements were earned by Bijan Alizadeh, Aki Barber, Ami Barber, Emilie Birchler, Zachary Booth, Mike Bush, Daniel Campanero, Christine Campbell, Owen Chappell, Alexander Chen, Jason Core, Misha Davari, Kayvon Dejbaksh, Theo Evers, Marc Fitch, Chloe Frerichs, Brooks Habermehl, Rachel Higson and Brad Hilliard. The Deerfield Bluefins returned home and battled the Park Paseo Northstars. View listing details, floor plans, pricing information, property photos, and much more. The Courtside Stingrays is a summer league competitive swim team offering high quality professional coaching and technique instruction for swimmers 5-years-old thru 18-years-old. Bluefin swimmers captured first place in 38 events. In the 13-14 age group, Tasha Miller, Andrew Pham, Bryan Pham, Nicole Pham and Natalie Wei placed in all their events. who hadn't set any Dolphins world records since last summer, broke into the 15-18 age group with a new South Irvine Dolphin world record in the 50 . Other Shark swimmers posting time improvements were Austin Barber, Matthew Birchler, Olivia Blaze, Jenna Bush, Amanda Campanero, Justin Campanero, Elizabeth Chen, Zach Frerichs, Eitan Jaffe, Maya Jaffe, Rachael Jaffe, Yiling Kao, Oliver Kubit, Spencer Kubit and Jade Laura. Also earning blue ribbons were Sean Doan, Justin Pyne, Jake Halpern, Bailey Dillard, Timothy Shaw, Cameron Yong, James Parker and Nicholas Sanner. The Greentree Gators had a strong showing in the second meet of the season with 77 time improvements and 87 championship meet qualifying times. Sierra Ochoa also placed in all her events. Swimmers with two time improvements were Chris Allmann, Justine Brown, Josh Cabral, Elizabeth Challenger, Allison Doty, Stewart Erdahl, Micah Fan, Preston Fox, Maggie Goodson, Jubilee Hou, Kaitlyn Lee, Liao, Isabelle Lin, Tony Masangkay, Steven McCoy, Katie Minerman, Brian Mongkolpoonsuk and Ryan Montis. Also posting three time improvements were Kevin Bastani, Cory Bautista, Zachary Bokota, Haley Boukather, Lincoln Cameron, Carolin El-Leithy, Allie Flath, John Hartshorne, Jason Le, Joshua Lips, Parker Mallough, Gregory Mikhanjian, Danica Morley, Jenna Morley, Abraham Routley, Turner Song, Krista Trescott, Connor Vejsicky and Andrew Wraith. Dennis Kim competes in the 50-yard breaststroke in the 13-14 . Peter was named the Tigers' Men's and Women's Swimming Head Coach on March 23, 2012 as the former Pacific swimmer returned home. 5.0 1 Review. For more registration info, contact your team directly. Other first place winners were Vanessa Elgohary, Michael Nakahara, Nelson Tello, Klaire Thoman, Dylan Venzlaff, Austin Weins, Steven Cortez, Jacob Manjarrez, Breeann Parsons, Thomas Phelan, David Stephan, Shelley Stephan, Nicholas Teeter and Max Tello. Also breaking a record was Brandon Tran in the boys 15-18 age group 50 backstroke and butterfly. New team records were set in five events. She set marks in the butterfly, backstroke and freestyle. Participating in a team sport is great way to stay in shape and connect with friends on a regular basis. Oversees NCAA DIII Men's Soccer, Men's Basketball, Men's Tennis, Women's Waterpolo, Cross Country, Track, Women's Swim and Dive Manage and track injuries through SportsWare and ImPACT In the 15-18 age group, Megan Gilroy won the butterfly, Kayla Purcell was first in the backstroke and breaststroke and Kyle Kim-E placed first in the butterfly, individual medley and freestyle events. Two time improvements were earned by Shannon Booth, Renny Cribbin, Suzanne Denson, Kerry Doyle, Natalie Fox, Christine Hirata, Kurt Hirata, Shayna Holness, Olivia Hornyak, Priya Jagadish, Sophia James, Neda Kasraee, Lawrence Lai, Renee S Lavelle, Nicholas Lo, Jazmine Maxwell and Marissa Maxwell. Join us for our first ever Texas Hold Em poker tournament benefitting the Irvine Swim League. One site topped 7 inches, Seal Beach police shoot, kill armed man in neighborhood, authorities say, Capistrano Seaside Inn goes from red-tagged to anticipated treasure, Baja officials urged cremation to family of OC public defender who died in Rosarito Beach, OC man arrested in LA street takeover that killed nursing student on Christmas Day, Disneyland resumes sales of Magic Key annual passes but you better act fast. Nick Krolikowski takes the Men's 15-18 Freestyle record with 22.85 Cole Saeger lowers his own Men's 11-12 Butterfly record to 28.69! As a secondary goal, the Irvine Swim League provides each swimmer the experience of team camaraderie. Turtle Rock Broadmoor Sharks. Other highlights included 20 swimmers turning in qualifying times for the league championships. Swimming to first place in events were Payton Jefferson and Ally Swardstrom. Uncover why Irvine Swim League is the best company for you. Safety Training for Swim Coaches (includes First Aid)- (Taught right across from Premiers CPR classroom at The Aliso Viejo Aquatics Center 29 Santa Barbara Aliso Viejo, CA 92656) For first time coaches or those wishing to renew all of their certifications . Other swimmers who earned time improvements in their events were Haley Ainsworth, Jai Ashar, Gabrielle Beaulieu, Elva Bonsall, Kyle Chang, Jacquelin Chen, Sabrina Dallas, Noah Egan, Asha Ezzati, Shawyon Ezzati, Sarah Fallon, Kyle Giberson, Nick Giberson, Yan Rui Goheen, Jaren Hamblin, Jilly Hamilton, Emily Harzell, Keith Hickson, Sabrina Hsu, Amy Huang, Carolyn Hudson, Lauren Kim, Kevin Liang, Katrina Loye and Rachel Loye. David Stephan placed third in two individual events. Novaquatics Swimming 14252 Culver . Kali Guzman of the Westpark Marlins competes in the 11-12 50 butterfly during an Irvine Swim League meet. Swimmers with two time improvements were Jack Burns, Melissa Calica, Kathleen Colao, Ryley Day, Anthony Juan, Kate Kelly, J.J. Kim, Julia Knoell, Jolie Lambert, Dan Lam, Chris Laske, Elaine Lu, Kara Lu, Ethan Maniss, Mikaela Meade, McKenzie Duncan, Caitin Miner, Keegan Pham, Grant Sheen and Paul Wang. Jessie Rees was an age group swimmer with the Nadadores, until she started having headaches and blurred vision at the age of 11. Alexis Bartlett swims in the 11-12-year-old individual medley on Saturday for the Oak Creek Orcas. Texas Hold Em Poker Tournament Fundraiser. Lily Curtis, Ruwayd Dodin, Jennifer Kaplan, Peter Lee, Michael Montmaneix, Mia Quinn and Brent Stone dropped time in all of their individual events. Also, Gabe Lazo, Ryan Long, Andrew Luttrell, Kerri Luttrell, Julia Mata, Holly McRuer, Ashley Nunamaker, Nathan Ohashi, Shawn Pan, Sam Quinby, and Jonathan Tracy. Other swimmers with significant time improvements were Marvin Shu, Hanna Popovits, Rachel Higson and Brooks Habermehl. Swimmers improving in two events were Kianoosh Akavahan, Emily Benson, Jake Bova, Alicia Bui, Andrew Campbell, Emilee DoanVan, Isabelle Doan Van, Cody Epstein, Carley Henderson, Nathaniel Herrera, Neil Hudson, Nick Injev, Nima Kheradpour, Trevor Klopfstein, Michelle Maddox and Olivia Mattair. New team records were set by Amy Tang in the 50 butterfly (30.18) and 50 Freestyle (27.25). Records; Historical Archives; News; Photo Gallery; Contact; Irvine Swim League News. 28302 La Caleta, Mission Viejo, Orange County, CA, 92692 is currently for sale for the price of $1,425,000 USD. Mon - Thur 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Other Northpark swimmers who won events were Dean Uchino, Dylan Tran, Bryant Lin, Meredith Foley, James Farol, Michael Chang and Christine Chang. Colony swimmers who took first in all of their individual events were Joey Dedeaux, Morganne Goodson, Kyle Lee, Timmy Pham, Julia Rausch, Mitchell Rausch and Jessica Tran. The CD was issued in 1996. It was a good day!! 10% of proceeds are donated back to Irvine Swim League Jack's Irvine supports the Irvine Swim League - Sh. Tara Hildreth won the 15-18 age group 50 freestyle, Shawn Lou placed first in the 5-6 age group 25 butterfly, Bryant Lin was first in the 13-14 age group 50 butterfly, Anh Nguyen won the 15-18 age group 100 individual medley and Kenny Tanaka placed first in the 13-14 age group 50 breaststroke. Also, Kathryn McDermott, Josephine Niu, Peter Niu, Piper Paris, Riley Pittman, Taylor Reddy, Luke Salemme, William Shipman, Amy Tang, Bryan Tangtartharakul, Frank Tangtartharakul, Emmett Tekstra, Nicole Thurber, Kent Van Peursem, Alexandra Volucci, Jacqueline Volucci, Nicholas Volucci and Kei Yoshikawa. Woollett Aquatic Center; Northwood High School; Soka University; Los Cab Fitness Club; Division 1 Woodbridge Tritons Two Seals placed first in all events entered. Placing first was the 9-10 age group medley relay team of Preston Fox, Teddy Pham, Morganne Goodson, Andrew Nguyen, as well as the 15-18 team of Courtney Nguyen, Joey DeDeaux, Daniel McGehee and Ryan Voelz. Now, representing twenty teams, over 2500 . The Woodbridge Waveriders achieved 47 first-place ribbons, had four new team records, 109 time improvements, and qualified five additional swimmers to the championship meet. Alan Su finished first place and qualified for championship meet in all of his individual events. July 3, 2007 at 3:00 a.m. Long-standing team records fell and many swimmers turned in outstanding performances as the Irvine Swim League conducted its second round of dual and tri-meets across the . Three Seals records were broken, including the one by Doden. Woodbury Waves swimmers Eric Chang, Kia Sowlati, and Gihyun Hong were among those qualifying for the championship meet. Calvin Lee finished second in the 7-8 age group boys backstroke. Marykate Colao broke team records in all of her 9-10 age group events. Swimmers establishing new championship meet qualifying times included Sam Cachola, Troy Charbonnet, Claire Coleman, Tiffany Cheng, Bryce Edstrom, Monroe Erle, Michael Fernando (three qualifying times), Megan Mansonhing, Emily Stofko and Makena White. 6 Sorenson, Irvine, CA 92602 is a Single Family, Rental property listed for $4,780 The property is 2200 sq. 16942 Lake Terrace Way #241 is serviced by 4 Internet service providers, including Spectrum, AT&T Internet, Viasat Internet, HughesNet. California rents fall 4 straight months. Also, Jonathan Kuo, Bryce Moon, Eric Willits, Andrew Abravanel, Danica Cooper, Brendan Garrison, Troy Kellard, Amanda Severn, Eric Shiah, Nina Yadlowsky, Hannah Cooper, Blake Kellard, Kyle Kim-E and Kayla Purcell. Swimmers who won two individual events included Catherine Pilcher taking the girls 15-18 age group butterfly and freestyle, Kelsie Kan winning the 9-10 age group girls breaststroke and freestyle, Kenny Chen placing first in the boys 11-12 age group breaststroke and freestyle and Chase Mendoza winning the boys 9-10 age group butterfly and freestyle. We invite you to use our commenting platform to engage in insightful conversations about issues in our community. Some of the 31 swimmers who dropped five or more seconds in races included Abdyk-Malik Bdaiwi, Michael Crotty, Keri Ewing, Griffin Johnson, Ryder Johnson, Ryan Knostman, Ryan Korb, Grant Lissoy, Ava Marinelli, Anusha Mussani, Michael Ruggieri and Sarah Sivjee. Emily Eastin won the 9-10 age group 100 individual medley, Dominique Loftus was first in the 11-12 age group 100 individual medley, Lian Rother placed first in the 13-14 age group 50 breaststroke and Kate Haughton took the 7-8 age group 25 freestyle. Spencer Kubit and Alex Ortiz earned three first place finishes each. Cathleen Nguyen broke team records in the girls 9-10 age group backstroke (37.28) and breaststroke (42.72). The best available Internet option for 16942 Lake Terrace Way #241 is provided by Spectrum, using Cable technology with speeds up to 1000 Mbps. Philip Wright broke records in the 9-10 age group boys 50 backstroke (33.32), breaststroke (34.37) and freestyle (26.84). 2022 ISL Season!!! Brenna Hermes and Maryam Abolfathi achieved time improvements in the backstroke. In the 5-6 age group, Lance Deolden, Trevor Klopfstein, Krishan Patel, Taylor Loh and Luca Bova improved their times in the butterfly or backstroke by over 15 seconds. Other contributors were Austin Chang, Christy Chen, Nathan Cox, Michael Cribbin, Ryan Duong, Eva Ghindia, Danielle Gleit, Naseem Kasraee, Parveen Kasraee, Megan Kaufman, Christopher Mok, Nicholas Nordstrom, Rebekah Phillips, Claire Pukszta, Amy Quon, Melissa Quon and Katie Tung. Other contributors were Roya Aghavali, Eri Akutagawa, Luke Balding, Cam Bennett, Rachel Charny, Cori Clumpner, Jennifer Curtis, Ann Daley, Zachary Kitchel, Elizabeth Murphy, David Qiao, Jeffrey Qiao, Lauren Spear, Patrick Walsh and Sunny Xie. Competing against the Northwood Pointe Flash in their first away meet, the Courtside Stingrays continued to swim strong and break records. Other swimmers who achieved first places were Noah Egan, Kylie Goto, Keith Hickson, Nicole Lin, Tyler Lin, Katrina Loye, Rachel Loye, Sydney Tekstra, Alex Tran, Jonathan Tzeng, Kaitlyn Van Peursem, Kent Van Peursem and Keely Hamilton. The City of Irvine Adult Sports League office is open Monday thru Thursday, 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., and on Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Also, Mercy McCrossan, Courtney McGuire, Shradha Mididaddi, Chyelle Milgrom, Deanna Okajima, Justine Okajima, William Okajima, Brent Smith, Parsa Sohrabi, Jacob Yee and Andrew Yi. The 2022 USA Swimming National Championships will head back to California in August, this time taking place in Irvine. Winning relays were the 5-6 age group mixed medley team of Allison Kamps, Hitchens, Karaberg and Brandon Chen, the 9-10 mixed medley team of Emily Eastin, Aislinn Light, Phoebe Pan and Daniel Nguyen, the 11-12 mixed medley team of Amar Karabeg, Jordan Lissoy, Eastin and Light, the 5-6 mixed team of Adam Gough, Andrew Miranda, Ruby Morgan and Hitchens and the 7-8 mixed medley team of Benjamin Berman, Shawn Lou, Chen, and Hitchens. The season runs from beginning of June to mid-August with practices held at the University High School pool. In the 11-12 age group, Kayla Clausen placed in all her events. Other swimmers to win events were Joshua Hall, Brian Landry, Albert Alix, Ryan Vande Wydeven, Samantha Lee, Ryan Vortourni, Valerie Kan, Cameron Yong and Madison Hank. Where were the biggest dips? Yashasvi Chandrabhatta of the College Park Splash competes in the 9-10 mixed 200 medley relay.