Infrastructure & Planning

Infrastructure & Planning

Public works, national security or any other public sector functions could benefit from Tech Systems’ solutions for the design, construction and management of government infrastructure. From multi-discipline design modelling, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and electronic plan review – our content management solutions enhance information access and sharing across government departments and agencies, providing the necessary collaboration to enable more effective decision making.  Large or small government departments or agencies are faced with ever-increasing responsibilities and aging infrastructure. They could benefit from our software solutions that:

  • Optimizes GIS, distribution network management and  project workflows.

  • Ensures fast access to information using any mobile device.

  • Provides two-way communications between smart grid and utilities including real-time status notification of downtime, surges, abnormalities, etc.

  • Manages resource generation, distribution, transmission and consumption processes.

  • Manages plan review processes.

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