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In financial institutions, there is the need to evaluate real-time process performance, create extensive reporting dashboards, identify process bottlenecks, and optimize business process efficiency flow. Tech Systems is able to deploy software solutions to: Integrate document and content management software to allow you to store, secure, version, search, and manage content across the organisation. Secure […]
The advancement in technological innovations is revolutionizing the health care ecosystem. Tech Systems offers the government and their agencies  technology solutions to assist citizen services in a more accountable manner,  such as: Stock Visibility in Primary Healthcare to eradicate stock-outs and allow effective supply for primary health care facilities that report low stock levels. Vaccination […]
The public sector and private enterprises can improve transport by roads, highways, rail, air and maritime using technological innovation. Safe, efficient and coordinated operations of assets and infrastructure provide a framework for economic growth and business success. Transportation providers require real-time data management solutions to streamline operations and integrate with other maintenance and financial tracking […]
Cyber Security & Public Safety
Cyber Security protects networks, computers and data. Tech Systems provides a myriad of security software and other solutions. Our intuitive integrated solutions are designed to enable enterprises be fully prepared to manage and respond to all kinds of security breaches. It is integral to create a secure environment that empowers an organization as it digitizes […]
Oil & Gas
In the management of onshore and offshore infrastructure, Tech Systems creates solutions to enable you mitigate risk, manage costs as well as improve safety and increase performance. Empower your teams across upstream, midstream and downstream to manage the performance of your operating assets better. Our content management solutions provide access to all project content and […]
Infrastructure & Planning
Public works, national security or any other public sector functions could benefit from Tech Systems’ solutions for the design, construction and management of government infrastructure. From multi-discipline design modelling, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and electronic plan review – our content management solutions enhance information access and sharing across government departments and agencies, providing the necessary […]
Power Generation
We recommend that government or even private owned power generation plants and supporting infrastructure, maintain detailed records of all engineering activity. Tech Systems has  a plethora of engineering content management systems and full enterprise solutions comprising all of the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), service management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) needs of the power generation […]
From School Management, Learning Content Management Systems to Assessment, Reporting and Analytics. Our Solutions Include; Mobile solutions that provide the Ministry of Education with real-time visibility on all management activities on a school level – ranging from teacher attendance to the service quality of the government’s school feeding programme. Web based, desktop, mobile and blended […]
E-commerce simplifies complex processes in a user friendly interface that enables people from non-technical backgrounds to oversee an entire e-commerce operation.  Unlike conventional transactions which suffer the risk of human error, e-commerce transactions are automated and accurate. Tech Systems takes the mystery out of e-commerce by providing the technology and e-commerce expertise needed to grow […]
Consolidate your farming practices, centralize your data and manage your farm(s). We create ERP solutions for government agencies and corporate farming industries in the business of seed production, vegetable farming and crop production. Utilise our bespoke software development, integration and implementation technologies for: Seed-to-Sale Processes Small Holder Farmer Management Commodity Exchange & Inventory Management Livestock […]
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