Engagement Models

Tech Systems adopts various project delivery and engagement models for the services we provide. Different project requirements determine the delivery model to be utilized. Through our years of experience, we deliver projects by agile or fixed price methods.

Agile Method

In this case, the client provides a challenge or initial requirements which could be an idea, a concept, a loose ended scope or a feature list. This approach embraces the constant changes that occur in the development of technology, as the requirements, build, and test phases are broken down into small segments.

We start with the minimum viable product (MVP), which guarantees the minimum investment and early time for concept validation. It is best suited for projects where the entire scope cannot be ascertained from the onset. Our team commences work on small increments of the project as they gain clarity on the scope as the project evolves.  Multiple iterations take place with this method. It is crucial that the customers and business stakeholders provide feedback to ensure that the features meet their needs, during iteration.

Fixed Price

This model is based on client’s specifications outlining the budget, deliverables and timeline to ensure that all needs are met within the agreed project duration. It demands a well-defined scope and absolute clarity. Should our clients require our early input especially in the development of bespoke solutions, we are also able to develop a scope or Requirements for Proposal (RFP).